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Community Activation Grant

Applications for smokefree activation grants are now open, apply below.

Purpose of the Community Activation Grant

The purpose of the Community Activation Fund is to support the delivery of locally-led activations that align with one or more of the three main outcomes of the Smokefree Action Plan.

  • Eliminate inequities in smoking rates and smoking-related illnesses
  • Create a Smokefree generation by increasing the number of children and young people who remain Smokefree
  • Increase the number of people who successfully quit smoking

Community Activation Grant Guidelines

Download – Community Acvtivation Grant Guidelines

Who can apply?

As long as you are a legal entity, trust or organisation that can receive funding, you can apply. If not, then it is still possible through a partnership with a local provider or organisation.

What can be funded?

This is intended to help cover the costs that are directly associated with the delivery of your activity, up to $5,000.

They could include:

  • Venue or equipment hire
  • Support for volunteers
  • Equipment
  • Costs associated with promoting your activity
  • Medals, prizes, giveaways, and spot prizes

What will not be funded?

The fund does not cover:

  • Costs that are not directly required for the activity (such as salaries or wages for existing staff, administrative overheads)
  • Capital costs (e.g. facility development and maintenance)

How to apply

Complete the Application Form and the Budget Worksheet. Once both documents have been completed email them to

Application assessment process

Once your application has been received it will be reviewed by the Hāpai Activation Panel where it is measured against an evaluation form that has been developed by representatives of each focus group.

You can expect an answer within 7 working days that will either inform you that your application has been approved, declined or requires more information.

Once approved you will receive an agreement that outlines requirements for you to sign, date and return.

Smokefree Community Grant Reporting Template – Download

 – This reporting template applies to all successful grant applicants only. Please ensure this reporting template is completed and sent through to within 14 days upon completion of your event.

Download Application Form & Budget Worksheet

Complete the Application Form and the Budget Worksheet. Once both documents have been completed email them to

Application Form

Budget Worksheet